[Help & FAQ] Quick Guide of AirDroid

Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:24 pm in General

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Re: [Help & FAQ] Quick Guide of AirDroid

why AirMirror not via IP network (LAN)? I do not have at hand the Internet would be to use AirMirror over IP (LAN), a possible Further development using AirMirror on the IP (LAN)?

I have no Internet , when Lite mode , you can add lite to function AirMirror ? or do you have apk lite mode AirMirror


Re: [Help & FAQ] Quick Guide of AirDroid

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Re: [Help & FAQ] Quick Guide of AirDroid

I seem to have a SLIGHT case of BRAIN ACHE (had it fer YEARS now, but that's another story fer another day) when it comes to Airdroid. I simply don't seem able to find out how to move music from my Dell Laptop (Running windows 10 OS, and Windows Media Player) to my Moto g phone. (I'm no Technophobe)

I DO have the ability to "message" Phone from Laptop, and Laptop from Phone via Airdroid, and I have been able to transfer the music FILES from the Laptop, but it's the MUSIC contained in the files of Windows Media Player I'd like to transfer to my phone, so that it can be played without the need for an internet connection...any advice people? REMEMBER I'm no Technophobe...Oh yes, when I went to OPEN the transferred music files on my phone, with Airdroid, I was told it couldn't open the "pictures", but I forget exactly how it was put.

All the best


Re: [Help & FAQ] Quick Guide of AirDroid

Editor review - AirDroid is a wireless interface between the PC and your ... I know, it's of no help telling you the street because you already know it's in your room. ... simple and easy without cable just with wifi retour Now this Guide application .

Re: [Help & FAQ] Quick Guide of AirDroid

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