I`d like to volunteer for the brazilian portuguese translation

Fri May 18, 2012 4:07 am in Translate AirDroid

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I can help too. My email is eltongr@gmail.com


como faco para recuperar meus contatos, na qual eu fiz um backcup em meu celular samsung galaxy 3?how do I retrieve my contacts, because I made up on my phone samsung galaxy 3


tonybernini@gmail.com thxs


I sure would like to help the soon-to-be translation team. I can do translation and/or proofreading. And, for security reasons I'd rather not list my e-mail address here, but I can be contacted via direct message.


Over the past few weeks,seo bulinding, we 've seen the hypocrisy coming out of Google reaching new all time highs. The mud slinging out of the Google camp is a signal:

Google is running scared.

Bing has gotten better. A lot better: and Google has gone from ignoring Bing to character assassination.

The latest hoopla goes like this "Waaaah, Bing is copying our search results!" When we dig deeper, we find that, no,seo tools, Bing is not copying Google results, they are tracking user searching behavior. But hold on, doesn' t Google 's Privacy policy say (and I quote):

"Some of our services, including Google Toolbar and Google Web Accelerator, send the uniform Resource Locators (" URLs ") of web pages that you request to Google. When you use these services, Google will receive and store the URL sent by the web sites you visit,seo software, including any personal information inserted into those URLs by the web site operator. Some Google services (such as Google Toolbar) enable you to opt-in or opt-out of >



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