Use USB for everything - no Wifi, no cellular servicequestion

Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:35 pm in General

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Mr. H.

Use USB for everything - no Wifi, no cellular service

Hello, Sorry if this question was asked before, but didn't see anything of the sorts in my searches.

I can't use WiFi at work...
My Question... Can I use USB for Airdroid and AirMirror without WiFi and without using my cellular services and using the AirDroid remote connection data cap???

If so does Airdroid have general directions how or what needs to be done to Phone\App\Desktop Client?

I am able to mirror my phone to my workstation with other apps\software and setting my USB into Debugging mode, but would rather keep using Airdroid as a solution to my needs if possible.
Mr. H.
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