[Suggestion] Consider Converting AirDroid to a Windows Store app

Sun Mar 13, 2016 8:41 pm in General

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[Suggestion] Consider Converting AirDroid to a Windows Store app

AirDroid for Windows Desktop doesn't need any special permissions besides internet access on a Windows PC, similar to the Remote Desktop app. There's nothing stopping it from becoming a Windows Store app and gaining new grounds not only as a Laptop/Desktop PC app, but also potentially gaining significant grounds in the 2-in-1, Tablet, Xbox and Hololens space.

Consider moving it to the store using Microsoft's Win32 bridge and give it the functions of live tile, more streamlined interactive notifications, and possibly (if I understand how that phone app works) even integrating with the Microsoft Phone app as a calling service to make calls from the PC through the Android SmartPhone.

Thanks in advance.
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