Dialer Remains Up

Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:35 pm in General

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Dialer Remains Up

I love the Dialer Feature and it's great for initializing the call, however, you can't use it after the call begins. So, if you're calling an auto-attendant and it says: "press 1 for English..." then you have to located your phone (I use a Bluetooth Heatset) and do everything thing else from there. My HTC has a tendency to go into screensaver when I answer with Airdroid so it's: 1) Press the On button; 2) press the Smartphone Dialer number; 3) wait for a response from the auto attendant and hope the screen doesn't shut off again; 4) repeat.

If the Dialer stayed up after it initialized the call, then I could press the numbers on it and the phone could be anywhere within 33 feet of my Bluetooth Headset.

I like the ideas of the other users that suggested being able to click on a number in a Browser or Address Book (I use Outlook) to start the Dialer.

Re: Dialer Remains Up

Hi @wsinclair530, thanks for your feedback. We have collected your suggestions and we will consider about it in the future update. Please kindly wait.

Re: Dialer Remains Up


It has been almost a year, many people need that feature. Do you have an update by any chance?

Thank you.
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