Message sends to wrong number, and reboots under the wrong numberquestion

Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:20 pm in General

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Ninja Xij

Message sends to wrong number, and reboots under the wrong number

Okay, bear with me here.
I have two separate programs, due to MightyText having a 500 message sending limit, and actually able to retrieve MMSs, while Airdroid has an infinite sending limit.
MightyText never has an issue sending to the right person, or number.
Airdroid's standalone app (Windows 10) has an issue when reloading, or refreshing the text list, associating the wrong texts with the wrong thread.
It's not a constant, every day thing, but it is an annoyance, seeing as how it sends message to people that I stopped talking to weeks ago, and no longer even have the thread for on my phone.

Is there some sort of glitch due to having two different programs associated with text sending? Or can I do something to fix this?
MightyText uses gmail to connect, not direct link like Airdroid, if that helps.
Ninja Xij
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