I love you AirDroid and I want to support you by going premium but...

Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:50 am in General

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Do you like PayPal?

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I love you AirDroid and I want to support you by going premium but...

update 03/18/2017

Really, nobody else shares a deep sense of loathing for PayPal? I know I am not alone. I have spoken to several eBay sellers who have been screwed over by this company.

Regardless my question to AirDroid is: Do you offer any other way to enroll in the premium membership?
Here's the deal.Several years ago I used eBay and PayPal a great deal. I trusted PayPal to handle my associated accounts information responsibly. However on one occasion I had a number of transactions that resulted in a negative balance. PayPal decided they were going to take the money from my bank account. They hit my bank 3 times for each transaction. All totaled I got 12 NSF charges of $35 dollars each to my banking account. When I approached them to credit my account or contact my bank and try to work out the problem they essentially told me to get lost.

Simply put I now REFUSE to make ANY transaction with the PayPal company.

I'd love to support your work but until I have an option to pay you without using those crooks as an intermediary, I will be unable to do so. Please consider accepting bitcoin or using a credit card processing company. I urge AirDroid to be weary of paypal. They are fine and dandy until something goes wrong. When it does so it usually goes WAY wrong and their support staff will laugh at you as they pocket your money.

Chris - AirDroid beta tester, tech enthusiast, and all around cool dude ^_^
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