How to turn off "Ignore Battery Optimization" feature?question

Sat May 27, 2017 2:16 pm in General

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How to turn off "Ignore Battery Optimization" feature?

I installed AirDroid on my new LG G6 phone (running Android 7.0) so I could transfer some files wirelessly from my Windows 8.1 computer. It worked OK, but I got a warning during the installation process that I had to enable "ignore battery optimization" and that this could drain the battery.

As I recall, I used to have AirDroid installed on my old HTC One M8 phone, and it definitely drained the battery, and as a result I removed the app. (In any case, at the time Android was set up to refuse access to the external SD card, so the app was useless for me. Now AirDroid can access that external card, so this isn't a problem).

So I'd like to start using AirDroid again, but I sure want to turn off the "ignore battery optimization" feature. How can I do that? One option is just to delete the app when I'm not using it, and then reinstall it when I want to use it, but that seems clunky.

Re: How to turn off "Ignore Battery Optimization" feature?

Go to the battery-settings of your phone and press the three dots in the top right corner (might be different on your phone). There you can set which apps are optimized and which not.

It's a system-setting, not a setting inside the app.
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