Connection failed half of the time

Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:04 pm in General

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Connection failed half of the time

Hi guys.

This is not the airdroidI paid for once. It seems to be worse than ever. Once I had Airdroid running on my phone and no matter what time I opened web or windows app it connected without any problems. This is over now. It makes no sense to spent 10 minutes or more before you can use airdroid web or desktop to reply to a SMS/Text. At the same time I can use my phone's messenger.

The hint "It's helpful to have your airdroid running in the foreground of you phone" is nonsense - this is exactly what I want to avoid by using Airdroid - I do not want to take my phone and do anything just to use an app on my computer.

Today in airdroid for web I tried to send a test message 3 times - first it said no network - 2nd it took over an hour with cycling wait sign and still did not send. Then I installed airdroid for windows and first it did not connect to my phone and when I tried connecting again I could send my text message. This is way to buggy and uncomfortable.

By the way - I always get the Important update message when I visit airdroid - but when I followed it to play store all there is a button INSTALLED - no update available - so what does the important update provide and how will I get it.

Thanks for any help
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