AirDroid Premium Fraud?

Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:53 pm in General

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Aaron Shufelt

AirDroid Premium Fraud?

I cancelled and stopped using my Airdroid premium account well over a year ago, yet I'm still receiving charges from Tongbu Technologies (parent company). Once a month, they attempt to charge $1.99 to an old deactivated PayPal card and they're telling me that I owe $35 total.

I have emailed their email address multiple times over the last week to request a FULL account cancellation, but they don't respond.

Isn't this some sort of fraud? Logging into my Airdroid account doesn't give me the option to cancel my premium account, since according to their dashboard it isn't activated anyway.

Can anyone tell me if they've had issues with cancellation? Is there some better way to get this account cancelled and get Airdroid to stop trying to charge me and accrue a balance?
Aaron Shufelt
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