Do Not Update Windows YET! If heavy AirMirror User

Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:46 am in General

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Do Not Update Windows YET! If heavy AirMirror User

I don't think the devs actually use this app.

If you've struggled to utilise the cumbersome click heavy copy n paste AirMirror, you may have decided that you are best to use AirMirror within the main app instead of popping AirMirror out to it's own window. This makes for an easier but not perfect solution to copying phone numbers to the dialer interface - but as I say extremely click heavy!

The latest update goes backwards still further - AirMirror is moved to a new location in the app where ZERO copy n paste function is available!

Utterly stupid - and one of several reasons I didn't renew premium!
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