[Help & FAQ] How to report the issue or suggestions with AirDroid on iOS?

Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:58 am in General

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[Help & FAQ] How to report the issue or suggestions with AirDroid on iOS?

Having trouble using AirDroid PC client instead? Check out how to report issues here.
If you have trouble using AirDroid Android instead, click here.

With this new feature, we will be able to able to prioritise the issue for you. We highly encourage you to report the issue or feedback via "Feedback" in AirDroid with simple steps!

Here's how to write a feedback on iOS AirDroid.

Steps: open AirDroid on your phone >Account > Feedback.

If you have any problems when using AirDroid, please select "report a bug" as the feedback type, otherwise, please select "A suggestion" if you have any suggestions!

Tips on reporting effective feedback:
1.Double check your email to make sure you get the solution
2.Accurate categorise your feedback type
3.Description: this is the most important part, clearly state the situation when the issue happens including
  • the specific details of the problem
  • the steps you have made when the issue happens
  • the error message(Error number?)
  • a screenshot of the issue
4. Make sure to turn on “Attach error logs” so our developers(yes, the tech guys) can check the issue for you.

You can follow these steps to find "Feedback" feature on your iOS :
1.Open AirDroid on your device > Account > Feedback


2. Turn on “Attach error logs”> “submit

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