[Help & FAQ] Is AirDroid Secure?

Thu Jul 16, 2015 7:47 am in FAQ

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[Help & FAQ] Is AirDroid Secure?

We are committed to making AirDroid a safe and powerful device manager from its birth. We value and respect user privacy, and have adopted every possible means to protect users' information, including SSL technology and data encryption.

For example, in Remote Connection Mode, your account credential, SMS, contacts, call logs and many other sensitive private information are all securely transmitted via HTTPS and we never store them (except your AirDroid account information, the latest location of your Android device if the Find Phone feature is activated) without your explicit consent.

In our new desktop client, we introduced End-to-end encryption (E2EE) to protect both confidentiality and integrity. E2EE can prevent intermediary from being able to discover or tamper with the content of communications. Your private information (including account credential, SMS, notification and other sensitive data) will be encrypted and transferred via secure channel, and we never store them on the server. In remote transfer, files will be uploaded in an encrypted way and be stored on our server temporarily, for your convenience. They will be permanently deleted once expired. Please rest assured that AirDroid will never store your files without permission.

AirDroid has passed penetration test carried by Rapid 7. And we have a secure team focused on keeping your data secure and fixing vulnerabilities. Our team will keep working on new technologies to keep your information safe.


In LAN Connection Mode and Lite Mode (Non-HTTPS), all data is transferred on the same local area network and not exposed to the Internet, the safety can be guaranteed (Please use it under trusted networks only, it may have potential risks when using it under untrusted network).

In Remote Connection Mode, the public web resources, like various icons, buttons and codes, are transferred over HTTP, while the private user data is always transferred over secure HTTPS and WSS protocols. The connection is encrypted.You can rest assured of the security of this connection mode:

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Re: [Help & FAQ] Is AirDroid Secure?


I cannot find the above information in my Chrome window. All it states is, that all connections are not encrypted. Please point out
1) where to find the encrypted connections on the page
2) why general https was removed.

I dont's see how https can interfere with user experience as it was stated in another admin post. My gmail and other services are handled by https which I experience as somewhat comforting.

Regards Nino

Re: [Help & FAQ] Is AirDroid Secure?

Great. Thanks for the information. I don't know the possible cost of it, but I assume that this cost would be the only reason you don't yet serve web.airdroid.com over HTTPS.

I would love to have that served over HTTPS. Then this article would not be necessary. And I only got to this article by the fact that I posted on your Facebook page and got a reply with a link here. Imagine how many who are concerned do not take the time to post and just abandon your service.

Just my 2 cents.

Re: [Help & FAQ] Is AirDroid Secure?

Agreed. I'm moving on because you have neither a Linux desktop client nor basic SSL encryption for your web version.

Re: [Help & FAQ] Is AirDroid Secure?

Unfortunately there are problems with AirDroid security. The app depends on unreliable correspondence channels to send similar information used to confirm the gadget to their insights server. Such queries are encoded with DES (ECB mode) notwithstanding, the encryption key is hardcoded inside the application itself (consequently known to an aggressor). Any vindictive gathering within essay24 hours on a similar system of the objective gadget could execute a man in the center assault with a specific end goal to acquire confirmation certifications and imitate the client for additionally queries.

Re: [Help & FAQ] Is AirDroid Secure?

What's still a bit troubling is that researchers at Zimperium say they first discovered thesecurity vulnerability and notified AirDroid about it in see the search faq for details. ...... I was writing about an older version, and performance has obviously ... It's a risk you take every time you install one of these apps, and the only way to make sure you're safe is to use open-source apps ... and even that only helps if you have audited the code or trust others

Re: [Help & FAQ] Is AirDroid Secure?

adm coffee
Are not you going to solve our problem? ... screenshot and the camera are not opening ....
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