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Wed Jul 20, 2016 8:15 am in FAQ

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Re: Diagnostic Tool

please help me i had installed airdroid app on my son which is living in other country the settings are set ok but every time shows me sonnection failled please check your network settings that is not true as i checked every network wiffi 4g data services they are good in high speed data transfer ,,the problem is i am sucessfully signed on my laptop browser but when i want to click on call logs ,sms messages option after that it shows me like these errors shown in below screen shot ..please forward it your team it is very urgent the app is still installed on that victims phone and when i signed to to my profile everything is ok but after clicking to call logs or other option it shows me please wait connecting to device after sometime it shows me connection fail ,, check your network ,unlock or wakeup device,,try lite web on device
the victims device details''''''''''' samsung j7
emailid ======
please reply me back to my mail i am waiting what i do

Re: Diagnostic Tool

Local connection works fine but remote connection fails? Try our connection diagnostic tool!

Here is how:
Open AirDroid app on your device, tap the overflow icon, go to Help > How to get more help? > Connection Diagnostic Tool, and tap here to diagnose:

Once you are in here, you should see page as below.

1. Tap Start Test. We will run a test for you.If you have got the result showing “Everything is all right” but you still have problem with connecting AirDroid, try the next step.
2. Tap Resign Url. And try reconnect.
3. If all of above don't work for you, tap Show Info > Report to report your device and network info to AirDroid Team, and we will take care of it and get back to you asap!
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