[Help & FAQ] AirDroid Win/Mac - Photos (New Feature!!)

Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:19 pm in FAQ

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[Help & FAQ] AirDroid Win/Mac - Photos (New Feature!!)

Want to try out our PC new feature?? Let's Download PC 3.5 here! https://www.airdroid.com/en/get.html

You can manage your photos on mobile via desktop, this is how:

In this FAQ, you will get:
  1. How to manage photos on phone via AirDroid desktop (Win/Mac)
  2. What you can do in photos: Download, monitor file transferring process, delete, and View.

How to manage photos on phone via AirDroid Win/Mac
Navigating a lot of photos in various folders on your tiny device is such a pain? No problem, AirDroid has got it!
In AirDroid desktop 3.5, we introduce a “Photos” section, in which you will be able to manage all of your images saved on device in one go!

Here is how to find it:
Files=> Photos => all the photos stored in your device are at display.

How to export/download photos?
Just found a perfect desktop background on your device? Get it to your computer then!

There are two ways of doing so:
Simply select the photo(s)=> click the Export icon on the toolbar.
Or right click "Export"=> select destination folder=> the selected photos will be downloaded to your computer.

Monitor transferring progress:
Meanwhile, you can always see the progress of your transferring activity from File Transfer List (shown as below)!

How to delete photos?
Too much photos has taken up too much space? AirDroid Win/Mac helps you to get rid of them in a click!

-Select unwanted photo(s)=> click the bin icon on the toolbar.
- Or right-click "Delete" => click "OK"
*You can also press "Ctrl" to select more than one file.

Want a preview before deleting/ transferring?
You might want to preview the pictures to recall your memories together with your best friends in front of the computer?
To avoid any panic/ drama, you might want to preview the pictures before deleting pictures?

Double click a photo =>you will see a toolbar on the bottom.

=> Click the arrow icons to view the previous and next photo.
=> Click the magnifier icons to enlarge or reduce the photo size.
=> Click these icons to rotate the photo.
=> Click this icon to close the viewing page.
=> Click this icon Image to view the photo’s actual size.
=> Click this icon Image to view the photo in original size.

Even better, you can also click the icon Image on the toolbar to view the photos details: Name, Size, Type and Modify date (as shown below).

More details about files management on AirDroid Win/Mac: http://forums.airdroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=29036&p=62917#p62917

Re: [Help & FAQ] AirDroid Win/Mac - Photos (New Feature!!)

It looks like a list of numerous possibilities. Just have to find some video with guidelines.

Re: [Help & FAQ] AirDroid Win/Mac - Photos (New Feature!!)

Thanks for sharing!
I recommend the android device manager, you can also manage your phone data on pc, you can freely transfer, edit, delete contacts, text messages, photos frrom your phone.
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