[Help & FAQ] AirDroid iOS - Files

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[Help & FAQ] AirDroid iOS - Files

You can view, upload, download and further manage any files (yes, ANY, including videos!) within AirDroid sandbox on your screens wirelessly!

1. Files

AirDroid on iOS allows you transfer files back and forth across your devices and screens, between iPhone, desktops and Android, needless to say, no cable needed!

Kindly noted: The file you want to transfer to other devices or desktops should keep in AirDroid sandbox. It means that you can't transfer an original file in your iPhone unless it was received via Airdroid.

2.Manage Photos on Desktop become more easier

If you want the photos you received to be saved to Photos (system photo gallery) automatically,you can tap account (on the top left side of the screen)>switch the “Save Photos to Gallery automatically” button “ON”.

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