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Fri Jul 17, 2015 4:52 am in FAQ

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Re: [Help & FAQ] Find Phone

I'm trying to test Airdroid's Intruder feature on my LG Aristo (running Android 7.0). I've enabled Airdroid as a Device Administrator, I've located my phone using Find Phone, I've clicked on the Intruder button in the Web Interface (I'm using a Chromebook), I've both entered and confirmed a security pin, and I've entered a phone number and message in the appropriate sections. I keep receiving the message "Unable to lock phone", however.

What am I doing wrong?
Christine Diamo

Re: [Help & FAQ] Find Phone

QUESTION re Find Phone Activation instructions: "Activating this administrator will allow the app AirDroid to perform the following operations: Erase all data -- Erase the phone's data without warning by performing a factory data reset."

What if I want to find my phone but NOT erase all data? The way the instructions were written I am afraid to activate the service because if I report my phone as lost it will erase all my data. Please assure me there will merely be an option to do so if I lose my phone.
Christine Diamo

Re: [Help & FAQ] Find Phone

how do I send an AirDroid link through WhatSapp without the person knowing that it is a spy for her to download without knowing

Re: [Help & FAQ] Find Phone

Hi all,we sincerely apologize if we fail to meet your satisfaction.Network is absolutely in need if we would like to remote control cellphone.But with the development of technology, we might be able to improve this feature in the future.In a word,the following functions have to be enabled first so that we can give you a hand to find your phone.Sincerely.Image
Niki Admin

Re: [Help & FAQ] Find Phone

Erase all data (allows you to erase all data when you cannot get your lost device back), Monitor screen-unlock attempts (allows you to take photos of the people who attempts to unlock your device but failed), etc. <!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->=10ptCisco 200-105 Testing Engine

Thank you for your feedback.

Would you please tell us more details of your question?

It would be helpful if you could send us a screenshot of the error page.

Feel free to let us know if you need further help.

Best Regards,
Adelfo mendes

Re: [Help & FAQ] Find Phone

Adelfo mendes
Raya tunggal

Re: [Help & FAQ] Find Phone

Sida.AirDroid wrote:What’s in "Find Phone"?
The Find Phone feature allows you to locate Android device on a map. Lock, ring, or wipe all personal data on the Android device. Take photos of the "intruder" who tried but failed to unlock the Android device (exclusive to Premium users).

Sign in to AirDroid Web and clic Find Phone icon to open. You are required to enter AirDroid password again for safety reason.

Ring: Ring your phone in max volume to help you find it in the room.
Intruder: Take the photo of the intruder who failed to unlock your phone twice. (You should set "Lost Mode" first)
Lost mode: Lock your phone with a passcode and show owner information on the screen. (To exit lost mode, click Unlock)
Wipe: Reset your phone to factory default to wipe all data on it.

How to enable/disable Find Phone?
Go to AirDroid app on Android, tap Find Phone, and turn it on as guide. You need to activate device administer to turn it on.
To disable, tap TURN OFF in Find Phone and enter password.

Why Do I need to activate device administrator to use Find Phone feature?
Find Phone relies on some features provide by Android Device Administration API, e.g. Erase all data (allows you to erase all data when you cannot get your lost device back), Monitor screen-unlock attempts (allows you to take photos of the people who attempts to unlock your device but failed), etc.

Failed to locate my device?
AirDroid cannot provide you with the location of your device? The location of your device is not correct?

Please follow the following troubleshooting steps:
1. check if Google map is working normally on your Android device.
2. make sure that you have turned on access to my location, GPS satellites and Wi-Fi & mobile network location in Settings >Location access.

Due to the fragmentation of Android, "Find Phone" might not work as expected on some Android devices. But our team are working on this all the time and trying to make improvements in every update.
Raya tunggal
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