[Help & FAQ] AirMirror

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[Help & FAQ] AirMirror

AirMirror allows you to mirror Android screen to Windows/Mac. You can operate any apps like Clash of Clans, WhatsApp, Wechat and Line directly using physical mouse and keyboard, all over the air.

AirDroid Android v3.1.6, AirDroid PC/Mac v3.2.1, non-rooted Android running 4.1+ can use AirMirror without Root(here is how).

Note:1. Supports Android 4.1+.2. AirDroid PC client only supports Windows/Mac.3. AirDroid Win v3.2.1 and AirDroid versions before, AirDroid Mac v3.2.0 still require being rooted.

How to use AirMirror?

For Win Client:
Click the AirMirror icon:

For Mac Client:

For web.airdroid.com:

Log in web.airdroid.com and connect to your phone. Click “AirMirror”. (AirMirror on web.airdroid.com requires V3.1.6 on Android AirDroid.)

You can directly use AirMirror if it is a rooted device(here is how) and you have granted AirMirror the root permission (go to the root permission management app (like SuperSU) to manually grant AirDroid the permission.)

If it is non-rooted device, you may need to install AirMirror plugin when you activate AirMirror for the first time.

Plugin a USB cable-->Click “AirMirror”-->install AirMirror plugin-->Click “Device authorization”-->Select a device.

If you failed to activate AirMirror on web.airdroid.com, you can try to download the driver for your phone on your computer or try USB debugging on your device with AirMirror Win/Mac, and then try it on web.airdroid.com again.

Two methods to use AirMirror:

AirMirror in Root way
AirMirror in non-rooted way--USB Debugging

Why I can’t use AirMirror?

Do I need any plugin to use AirMirror?

A list of known AirMirror supported Roms for Rooted devices. Please note that due to different ROMs, network environment and many other factors, you may be unable to use AirMirror though the Rom of your device is listed. Also, some ROMs not in the list may be able to use AirMirror. (Only the Roms with relatively high success rate are listed).

Re: [Help & FAQ] AirMirror

adım mert. benim airmirror plugin çalışmıyor. lütfen yardım eder misiniz?

Re: [Help & FAQ] AirMirror

adım mert. benim airmirror plugin çalışmıyor. lütfen yardım eder misiniz?
To solve the issue for you more quickly and efficiently, would you please report this issue via Feedback with AirDroid on your PC?

Please do tick the box of “Attach error logs” so that our developers can check the issue for you. It would help us to gather the troubleshoot with more details (there’s no personal data collected), we shall be able to prioritize your request.

Should you have any further questions, always feel free to let us know anytime!
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