[Help & FAQ] What Is Bonus? How to Get Bonus?

Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:34 am in FAQ

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[Help & FAQ] What Is Bonus? How to Get Bonus?

What is Bonus?
Bonus includes most of AirDroid Premium privileges. You can share AirDroid to your friends to get bonus feature for free:


Remote quota: Monthly remote data quota. It will be consumed when you are in remote connection.
File size (remote): Single file size limit when transferring files by remote transfer between any AirDroid clients.
Folder transfer (local): Transfer folders between desktop client and Android by local transfer.

How to get Bonus?
You can get Bonus by sharing AirDroid to your friends as follows:
Open AirDroid on Android device, and tap Bonus:

Tap Share now, and choose a SNS to share to:

Share and enjoy free Bonus for 14 days!

Failed to get Bonus?

Still listed as a free user after sharing to SNS successfully? Please sign out and sign in again on all AirDroid clients (Android and computer), and check your user type again.

Tip: You can get another Bonus by sharing again 12 days later.
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Re: [Help & FAQ] What Is Bonus? How to Get Bonus?

hi ty you for all your work
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