[Help & FAQ] How to Create an AirDroid Account?

Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:40 am in FAQ

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[Help & FAQ] How to Create an AirDroid Account?

Benefits of creating an AirDroid account
With an AirDroid account, everything becomes much easier:

1. You can visit web.airdroid.com instead of IP address + Port number.
2. You can enjoy features on AirDroid PC/Mac client.
3. You don’t have to manually start the AirDroid app on your device. Just sign in to AirDroid on the web or PC/Mac client, and AirDroid app will launch automatically on your Android phone or tablet.
4. Some features, e.g. Find Phone, require an account.

How to create an AirDroid account
An email address, a password and a nickname is required to create an AirDroid account. We may verify your email address to protect you better. Here are 5 ways to create an AirDroid account.

1. Via AirDroid App
You can tap the user icon and follow the steps to create a new AirDroid account.

2. Via AirDroid Web
Open web.airdroid.com and click Create an AirDroid account:

3. Via AirDroid Win/Mac
Open AirDroid Win/Mac and click Sign up:

4. Via AirDroid Official Website
or just sign up here: http://www.airdroid.com/signup/

5. Via SNS Accounts
You can sign in to AirDroid with Google/Facebook/Twitter account.

*What's My AirDroid Password When I Sign in Using Google/Facebook/Twitter?
Please note that an AirDroid account should be created when you sign in with Google/Facebook/Twitter for the first time. And a password for AirDroid account is supposed to set the time you created AirDroid account.

If you forgot the password, you may reset it here: https://www.airdroid.com/en/resendPassword.html
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