[Help & FAQ] Failed to connect to device?

Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:45 am in FAQ

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Re: [Help & FAQ] Failed to connect to device?

sa wrote:i have problem to connect airdriod connection to my pc. only connect when airdriod application on in mobile other wise not please solve this problem

I have the same problem too .. It worked properly only for two days from 24th - 26th of November an after that no possible connection between airdroid and my mobile phone!!!!

Re: [Help & FAQ] Failed to connect to device?

If you failed to build the connection between your Android and computer, please try these steps:
1. Check the network connection of your device
2. Unlock or awake your device
3. Initiate AirDroid on your device

And reconnect.

If it fails again and you are sure the device and the computer are connected to the same network, you may try AirDroid Web Lite to connect by visit the IP address shown in AirDroid on your device.

Still have problems?
​- If you don't know why, we have a diagnose team to do it for you, check it out here.
- If you do know the reason, follow the link(s) below, you can find the settings according to your need.
Disconnection caused by Doze mode (esp. Android version 6.0 and above)
Power saving mode causes disconnected of AirDroid
Failed to connect to AirDroid after restart

1. If you have connected your device to 2G/3G/4G network, the network will be disconnected when you receive an inbond-call. Thus the connection between your device and PC/laptop will be interrupted. You may connect your device to WiFi network and try again.
2. If you're using AirDroid Win/Mac, the connection will be interrupted when the computer goes sleep. AirDroid will restore the connection automatically when the computer connects to network again.

downloaded new airdroid and it is completely ineffective
Rick Baron

Re: [Help & FAQ] Failed to connect to device?

I updated the app on my android phone and laptop. Tried to send some files from my laptop to phone using desktop app via local connection, but failed all the time. It somehow works on AirDroid Web. Sending files from my phone to desktop app works perfectly fine too. Tried connection diagnostic tools and everything works well. Any suggestions?
Dian Armandita

Re: [Help & FAQ] Failed to connect to device?

Coffee wrote:
Não consigo me conectar tbm, desde ontem...
o que aconteceu com o site???
Can you send us some screenshots?

Re: [Help & FAQ] Failed to connect to device?

Same issue as the rest of the thread. "Unable to connect" Report ID 1707. Please advise.....

Re: [Help & FAQ] Failed to connect to device?

I can connect to my smartphone (android 6) perfectly with wifi connection, but when i switch it to mobile data (3G/4G) it's cannot connect anymore. But i had this problem in a few past week. before that, i haven't any problem with my connection even in wifi or cellular. Please advise

Re: [Help & FAQ] Failed to connect to device?

i'm using Airdroid i failed to connect my device with my pc when my device is far away from my pc. is there something wrong with my general setting? my general setting pretty much looks like device name A51w, remote wake up "on", power saving mode "off", dim the screen when airmirror starts "off", keep screen awake "off", require confirmation for web lite "on", remote transfer for file transfer "always allow", and port number "auto". i saw the problem like this in Airdroid 2 causes by "push service". but in Airdroid 4 there's no "push service" button. how do i manage my device to keep connect with my pc though it's far away. please respond to my question as soon as possible. because i really love this app. i think setting option in Airdroid in my phone is different. my phone is oppo A51w android version 5.2.2

Re: [Help & FAQ] Failed to connect to device?

Here was helpful to restart the Android-Device.

Re: [Help & FAQ] Failed to connect to device?

airdroid is up and running on my pc. I have gone to the PlayStore and installed the Airdroid app on my android galaxy note 4, but see no way to connect the smartphone to the desktop pc.

Re: [Help & FAQ] Failed to connect to device?

If the client is not updated can I still connect thru web.airdroid.com?
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