[Help & FAQ] Record phone screen in AirMirror

Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:45 am in FAQ

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[Help & FAQ] Record phone screen in AirMirror

With AirDroid Windows & Mac v3.3.0, you can record the screen of the Android device in AirMirror. As Screen Recording is a subfeature of AirMirror, only devices that can use AirMirror are supported for this feature. What kind of Android devices can use AirMirror? Please visit http://forums.airdroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=15843

Note: only Windows 7 and higher are supported for Screen Recording. Windows XP is not supported.

How to start recording the Android device screen:
1. Open File Transfer in the desktop client. If you have multiple devices connected to your account, select the one of which you want to record the screen:

2. Click AirMirror icon to open AirMirror:

3. After connection is established, click the record button:

4. Click the record button again to finish recording:

You can click the prompt to watch the screen recording, or go to the following folder:C:\Users\admin\Documents\AirDroid\ScreenShot (for Windows) /Downloads folder (for Mac)

You can pop-out the AirMirror window by clicking the top right pop-out button.

Go full screen

Click the bottom right full screen icon to go full screen.

Re: [Help & FAQ] Record phone screen in AirMirror

How do you record audio?
Recording my phone produces in low quality, how can I change this?
Also the frame rate is low as well.
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Drs. Anwarlie

Re: [Help & FAQ] Record phone screen in AirMirror

Thank you
Drs. Anwarlie
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