[Help & FAQ] AirMirror in Root Way

Thu Nov 03, 2016 7:44 am in FAQ

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[Help & FAQ] AirMirror in Root Way

AirMirror in Root:

With Android 4.1+ you can use control your mobile remotely via AirMirror in just TWO easy step! Here is how:

Initiate AirMirror on the device you want to control.

For users who use rooted Android running Android 4.1+, you need to grant AirDroid the permission. There are 2 methods:

1. Click AirMirror icon on AirDroid Windows/Mac, tap GRANT when authorizing window pops up on your Android.

2. Or go to the root permission management app (like SuperSU) to manually grant AirDroid the permission needed.

Need to avoid granting permission for AirDroid everytime after upgrading/ re-installing AirDroid?

Simply go to Settings of the root permission management app (like SuperSU) and make the Re-authentication option un-checked.

Whoa! Now you are done! Enjoy the fully control of your mobile devices wherever, whenever!

If you have problem to root your device, try the non- rooted way here.

A list of known AirMirror supported Roms for Rooted devices. Please note that due to different ROMs, network environment and many other factors, you may be unable to use AirMirror though the Rom of your device is listed. Also, some ROMs not in the list may be able to use AirMirror. (Only the Roms with relatively high success rate are listed)

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