[Help & FAQ] Nearby feature

Fri Nov 18, 2016 9:12 am in FAQ

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[Help & FAQ] Nearby feature

With Android AirDroid 4.1.5, upgraded Nearby feature allows you to transfer files with friends faster and easier in LAN, with NO data needed! Below is how it works:

How to find Nearby feature on your phone:
Open AirDroid on your phone > Transfer > Nearby

You can use Nearby with or withOUT the same network.
Here is how:
  1. With the same Wi-Fi network: click search> tap the friend(s) you want to interact with> you are connected!

When you and your friends are under the same Wi-Fi network, when you click search, you can see your friends’ icons pop up on your screen,Tap on the icons to connect with him/her now! If the target device(s) does not show up, you can establish personal hotspot and add friends.

2. Under different networks: you have two ways to share files with friend--establish personal hotspot or add friends

personal hotspot

Turn on personal hotspot in Tools>Tethering>ask friend to connect,and then go back to Nearby to search again

Add friends

You can add other people as friend on Airdroid to do offline transfer.
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