[Help & FAQ] Nearby feature

Fri Nov 18, 2016 9:12 am in FAQ

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[Help & FAQ] Nearby feature

With Android AirDroid 4.0, upgraded Nearby feature allows you to transfer files with friends faster and easier in LAN, with NO data needed! Below is how it works:

How to find Nearby feature on your phone:
Open AirDroid on your phone --> Transfer --> Nearby

Now there are two ways to share files with friends:
  1. “Join” a network: use when under the same wifi.
  2. “Initiate” a network: use when no wifi available about.

How to use “Join”

1. Tap the icon at the center on Nearby page

2. Drag the button on the bar below to the left
3. All of your friends around with AirDroid will appear, and simply tap on the profile photo of your friends you want to connect.

4. Start to transfer videos, photos and all the files you want with your friends!

How to use “Initiate”

If you don’t have wifi available, you can simply create one network yourself!
  1. Tap the icon at the center of Nearby page
  2. Drag the button on the bar below to the right for “Initiate”
  3. Ask friends to repeat the “Join” process to join in

4. Start to transfer files!

Note: You can always tap the question mark on the upper right corner for more specific information about how to use!

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