[Help & FAQ] Forget Password - How to reset my password

Wed May 03, 2017 9:23 am in FAQ

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[Help & FAQ] Forget Password - How to reset my password

There are times you just cannot recall the right password for AirDroid? Worry not! You can easily retrieve the password of AirDroid by following the simple steps below.

Go to log in page --> click "Forget password" below the log in box --> enter your email and click “send” --> go to your email entered, and click on the URL attached --> reset your password.

Here is how step by step:

1. Click "Forget password" on the log in interface.

AirDroid Win/Mac

AirDroid Android

AirDroid Web

2. You will enter our official website: https://www.airdroid.com/en/resendPassword.html

3. Enter your email address you registered with AirDroid.

4. We will send you an email to reset your password.

5. Click the URL link in the email, follow the link to “Update password” and reset to a new password.

Reminder: Your password should be kept safe at all times, DO NOT share or use others password under any circumstances.

Re: [Help & FAQ] Forget Password - How to reset my password

WOW, it is really useful for me~~~Thank u~~~~~~~~~
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