Windows client stuck on old phone

Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:48 am in AirDroid Win

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Windows client stuck on old phone

I used to have a G-nexus a while back when I first installed air droid. I don't have it anymore and use a Nexus 5 now. When I downloaded the windows client, it says "Glaxy nexus has old version of airdroid. Update to continue". Well that will be hard to do cause the phone is dead. The catch is that I can go on web airdroid with my new phone with no problems.

Any suggestions how to fix this?


Hi @ssleiman,

There are two ways for you to delete your old device.

1. You can delete the old device on the desktop client: user center > click X to delete it.

2. Please go to, click "Account", go to "Devices".
Select the device you want to delete and click "X", enter AirDroid password, then click "OK". The device will be deleted.

Click here for detailed instruction:


Re: Windows client stuck on old phone

Occasionally Android devices will get stuck with a message of "Obtaining IP Address..." when joining a hotspot. This is a bug in Android
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