AirIME fails to connect to my phonequestion

Mon Dec 12, 2016 9:20 am in AirDroid Win

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Vincent Amelot

AirIME fails to connect to my phone

Since the very last version of Airdroid, I can't use AirIME.
It worked well before, and I don't know what changed.
I have well activated debugging, mirror notifications and root access ; but when I try to connect to AirIME on my PC, the programs tries to connect to my phone but shows after several seconds the message "Connection failed. Please check your network and retry" (it's a litteral french translation because my program is in french).
I checked many things and I don't understand because everything worked before.
Vincent Amelot
Lillian Admin

Re: AirIME fails to connect to my phone

Hi, Thanks for your report.

To solve the issue for you more quickly and efficiently, would you please report this issue via Feedback with AirDroid on your PC?

Please do tick the box of “Attach error logs” so that our developers can check the issue for you. It would help us to gather the troubleshoot with more details (there’s no personal data collected), we shall be able to prioritize your request.

Should you have any further questions, always feel free to let us know anytime!
Vincent Amelot

Re: AirIME fails to connect to my phone

Done. But I can't do the same with the Android app... yet, it should be useful because the app crashes sometimes when I try to connect AirIME.
Hope that'll help to correct this bug.
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Vincent Amelot
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