Remote Connection Mode only instead of WIFI

Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:20 pm in AirDroid Win

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Remote Connection Mode only instead of WIFI

Hey there,

Been trying to copy files with the desktop Windows app to my LG G7 and the transfer speeds dropped dramatically. This just happened out of the blue. Few days ago everything was rosy. Been doing a bit of a research and it seems you guys have this bug for years now that the app thinks the two devices are on a different network.
I tried all sorts of stuff to get this fixed, no success so far. Also the desktop app keeps freezing every 3rd time when I want to close it, like it's working on something in the background that makes it hang. Have to go into the task manager to kill it.
I am paying for the app so feeling a little pissed here. Any ideas how to get these fixed?
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