Cannot use LAN connection mode / cannot send SMS - firefox noscript extension

Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:18 pm in AirDroid Web

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Cannot use LAN connection mode / cannot send SMS - firefox noscript extension

on one of my windows 7 pcs I cannot use LAN connection mode (only Remote connection mode), although it is on the same LAN (PC is connected via Ethernet to the wifi router).
On another PC, same LAN, same phone, same account, but wifi connection to the same router, LAN connection mode is OK.

What could the problem be with the first pc? It can ping the phone, there is no firewall on the phone. For some reason, I cannot use telnet client at all on the pc, it says it is not installed even when it is selected as described here
Thank you

EDIT: telnet now works fine and can connect to the phone from both PCs, although the first one still cannot access Airdroid on LAN connection mode. Both PCs and the phone are on the same LAN though

EDIT 2: on the pc where I thought LAN connection was not possible, I get it with IE, but not with Firefox, which is the browser I usually use. So that would come form the browser configuration?

EDIT 3: deactivating the NoScipt Firefox extension gets me me the LAN connection back with Firefox, although wass withlisted in Noscript.
I would still like to use airdroid on Firefox with Noscript, if someone has an idea....
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