Airdroid3 disconnects unless I leave the phone on the Airdroid3 screen

Mon Dec 15, 2014 8:00 am in AirDroid Web

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I leave my phone plugged in at my desk. The phone never goes black,
the screen stays on all the time. If I switch the phone to the main
home screen the AirDroid service on the phone will drop connection to
the web browser within a few minutes and require the page to be reloaded
and re-accepted on the phone. The client browser has no knowledge this
has happened, I only find out when I try to do something on the browser.

my original post I stated that I could keep the AirDroid service on the
phone awake if I leave it on the AirDroid screen and do not use my
phone for anything, this is not true. I have found that even leaving it
on the AirDroid screen the service will stop responding to the web
client but it takes much longer, maybe an hour or so.


Is there any error message when AirDroid stops running?

I've forwarded your feedback to the developers. We'll do tests on our side to see if we can reproduce it. Please kindly stay tuned.

And if you need AirDroid 2.1.0, please contact us at


I just upgraded to a Samsung Alpha and the problem seems to have
gone away. I suspect that the app is using more RAM as it seems my old
phones RAM was fully used and had recently started to reboot for no

I will continue to use the app and report any issues I find.


Thanks for the continuous feedback. Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions or questions :)
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