How to get web app to stay connected to my phone?question

Tue Feb 28, 2017 4:45 pm in AirDroid Web

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How to get web app to stay connected to my phone?

Hello, I'm using the web app and I cannot get Airdroid to stay connected to my phone. Every single time I try to use it, I have to restart Airdroid on my phone and then it only works for that ONE instant and disconnects a few minutes later. This pretty much makes the whole app unusable.

Both my phone and my computer are connected to my home wifi network and my phone is a Huawei Mate 9. I'm running Linux on my computer.

Please let me know how to fix this!! Thank you!

Re: How to get web app to stay connected to my phone?

Sorry to piggyback on your post, Jane, but I've been hoping for a solution to the same 'problem', as well. I have another no-quite-as-effective app that connects and stays connected. This is sooo effective because I don't have to constantly reconnect the app. But even with AirDroid's feature set, it's just not an effective app if one has to continuously reconnect. This is especially annoying if my phone is in another room. And it doesn't seem to matter whether I'm connected via WiFi or my mobile network.

I'm running a Galaxy Note 5 and Win7.


(And apologies for barging in, Jane!)
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Re: How to get web app to stay connected to my phone?

Hola, estoy usando la aplicación web y no puedo conseguir AirDroid permanecer conectado a mi teléfono. Cada vez que trato de usarlo, tengo que reiniciar AirDroid en mi teléfono y luego sólo funciona para que un instante y desconecta a los pocos minutos. Esto más o menos hace que toda la aplicación inutilizable.

Tanto el teléfono y el ordenador están conectados a la red doméstica WiFi y mi teléfono es un compañero Huawei 9. Estoy corriendo Linux en mi ordenador.

¡¡Por favor hazme saber como arreglar esto!! ¡Gracias!
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