Sir not a open my camera

Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:58 pm in AirDroid Web

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Sir not a open my camera

Plzz help me sir.. my camera not a connect...
ccccathyowo Admin

Re: Sir not a open my camera

Hi, would you please make sure that AirDroid on all your devices and computers are the latest versions? And then try it again to see if you can open camera now? Please also check the following information before open the camera.
1. You have granted AirDroid the permission to access camera.
2. You have open the user center on AirDroid on your device to confirm the Premium status if it is remote camera.

If it still fails to log in, To solve the issue for you more quickly and efficiently, would you please report this issue via Feedback with AirDroid on your device?
Steps: open AirDroid on your phone-->Me--> Settings-->About--> Feedback.

Please do tick the box of “Attach error logs” so that our developers can check the issue for you. It would help us to gather the troubleshoot with more details (there’s no personal data collected), we shall be able to prioritize your request.
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