Promotion Offer Won't Go Away

Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:52 pm in AirDroid Web

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Promotion Offer Won't Go Away

Several months ago I purchased an Asus Chromebook Flip and have been using AirDroid web. Every time I go to AirDroid web on my CB, I'm initially greeted by this promotional popup for Samsung which offers a free year of AirDroid premium. I thought it was a bit odd since this is an Asus CB and not a Samsung device. Naturally I tried signing up anyway, and was unsurprisingly rejected for the offer. So I dismissed the promotion and signed into AirDroid as usual. I figured that after a few days or weeks or even months that I would stop receiving this popup, but here I am like 6 months later still seeing it. Any way to make this thing go away?

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Brew Swayne

Re: Promotion Offer Won't Go Away

Ok, so within a day or 2 after creating this thread, the promotional offer went away (woohoo!), but now when I try logging in via Airdroid Web the page freezes on the device screen and I can't use it (boooo!). What gives?

Brew Swayne
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