Option or automatic archive split for big size downloadsquestion

Thu May 10, 2018 4:41 pm in AirDroid Web

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Option or automatic archive split for big size downloads

Just started using AirDroid, magnificent application!

I downloaded my entire collection of photos (~4300 photos) from AirDroid Web to my Linux downloads directory. It came out as a ZIP file of ~5.6GB. But I was not able to extract the contents of the ZIP file without error (sorry I don't have the logs). Extracting all the contents or just one file always resulted in "Error: cannot extract files". Some files were correctly extracted but the majority were empty files (0B).

So I tried to download all my photos in several steps. It worked. Up to ~2GB ZIP file, no problem.

Maybe AirDroid could automatically split the archive (or process photos by batch of a certain number) to avoid creating an archive of, let say, more than 4GB? Or allow this as an option for the user?
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