Viewing phone messages on tabletquestion

Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:32 am in AirDroid App

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Viewing phone messages on tablet

Hi - I have three devices - a PC desktop, a Samsung cell phone, and a Samsung tablet, The tablet is WiFi only - no cell/data. All these can connect to each other - i can transfer files from/to any device. When I am on my desktop PC, i get pop-up messages when my cell phone receives calls, email or text messages, a great feature that I find very handy. But I cannot see my cell messages when I am on my tablet.

Is there a way to get the same notifications on my tablet? Both the phone and tablet are running AirDroid 4.1.3.

PC: Windows 10 64 bit
Cell: Samsung Galaxy S4
Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2


Re: Viewing phone messages on tablet

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Re: Viewing phone messages on tablet

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Re: Viewing phone messages on tablet

You can downdolad some assistant tool to help you.

Re: Viewing phone messages on tablet

Android tablets via an app; Chrome extension or third-party Firefox add-on ... The best part about this solution is that you don't need to have your phone on the ... Therefore, SMS messagesreceived via your Google Voice number are ... be able to view and send SMS messages directly from your computer I have a tablet running Android 4.0.1, and a cell phone running 2.2. When I'm working on my tablet, I would like to be able to see my texts and phone calls get forwarded to the tablet, which .... The link is showing an error page. .... I used PB about a year ago, and it was a battery killer, so I uninstalled it
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