Need Help with navigation in new AirDroid 4.0?

Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:00 am in AirDroid App

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Need Help with navigation in new AirDroid 4.0?

AirDroid 4.0 is finally here! How are you doing with the new UI interface and more powerful features?

All the effort is put in to bring you a better AirDroid experience, but we know that there’s always a transition time.
This post is meant to bring our beta users who have been quite familiar with AirDroid 4.0, and all the new users together.
If you have any question when using AirDroid 4.0 or feeling lost sometime, just pop in and leave your thoughts, we are sure there are people in the community, who will be more than happy to help!

Also, you can have a quick glance here!

Here are some tips to help your question to be faster answered:
  1. Describe the issue into details+ a screenshot
  2. Keep us informed of ...
    • Phone model, Android version and browser version.
    • Network. LAN or remote connection.
    • In root or non-rooted way.( when it comes to AirMirror & AirIME)
No matter what keeps you from being an expert of AirDroid 4.0, let’s kick it together!

Not yet an AirDroid 4.0 user? Download here:
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Re: Need Help with navigation in new AirDroid 4.0?

It's pretty much simple process! Thank You.
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