Can send messages/files, but not receivequestion

Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:53 pm in AirDroid App

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Can send messages/files, but not receive

I'm testing out this app.

I have two devices, A Samsung S3 tablet and an ASUS Chromebook C302C

Now, Google Play says that Airdroid is not compatible with the ASUS but it installed fine and most of the features work perfectly. It seems to be just a sizing issue.

Using the Transfer feature, both devices are found in the Nearby search.

However, while I can send messages and transfer files from the ASUS to the Samsung perfectly, anything going in the other direction just hangs, sometimes (but not always) with an error saying that the receiving device is offline... it isn't.

Now while I'm fully ready to accept that this is just a problem due to the above-mentioned incompatibility, I'm wondering if there is a security feature somewhere that I have to turn off on the ASUS to allow outside devices to properly connect.


Also, if this IS an incompatibility, I would suggest that y'all work on this because this ASUS Chromebook C302C is a great laptop and I can seriously see lots of them being sold in the future. Or, at the least, there will be a lot of Chromebooks being sold with built-in Android capabilities.

Many thanks!
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