2 MotoG4 AirMirror stabile only on the nonrootedquestion

Wed Jan 03, 2018 7:30 pm in AirDroid App

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2 MotoG4 AirMirror stabile only on the nonrooted

i am configuring a remote control smartphone for my mother because she cannot operate her internet radio or dvbt2 TVby herself.
I use 2 "identical" Moto G4s: one is on her bedside and one is for me to improve the setup.
AirMirror worked including miracast with one.
Then I rooted the other one in order to cast audiobooks to her radio.
Now AirMirror tells me
1. the target phone ist not rooted (which IT IS),
2. connect the USB cable between laptop and smartphone,
3. after a long wait, that the device is not capable of AirMirroring.
4. top contact the device - which I have done tolle no avail except an automated rreceipt and the encouragement to post my question here.
Please Help!
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