Erase all data?

Sun Apr 28, 2013 2:11 am in Other Issues

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Erase all data?

Not that I want to, but if my phone were stolen, how would I use Airdroid to erase all data. Program descriptions mention this feature, but I can't seem ot find out how I would do it.


I also have the same question....I have seen this option work but only when i open the app on my phone. How would that work when someone steals it? it's not like the thief would just open the app so i can find him. If we give the app super-user permissions, at least let it control when the app opens and closes. And i also saw in another post the option to hide the app icon when the remote control is on. that way a phone could be reaquired, or at least the data erased in a few small steps.


I have the same questions about erasing the tablet if it is lost or stolen, but I don't see an answer anywhere. How does it work?


If you register an account, and you have signed in AirDroid on your lost phone and the phone is connected to the network, then you can try Find Phone feature.

Sign in to > click Find Phone > enter your AirDroid password again, then click the green dot, you'll see 4 features of Find Phone.

Click Wipe, enter your password and your data will be wiped remotely.

Do not test this unless necessary. The erased data could not be recovered by AirDroid.


So, I can't find the "last location" of my phone, if the thief turned it off?


In next update, you will be required to enter your AirDroid password when you try to turn off "Find Phone" on your device.

Re: Erase all data?

Many people would think that delete data is enought ,you may try to delete data by hands , it could disappear from phone , but these data can be easy recovered from phone with any recovery tools ,at the same time , it is really likely for you forget to deleted data on the phone , due to you maybe not to remember all the data you have stored on it , so , you must erase android phone data permanently ,which can help you to erase phone data without recoverd data ,
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