How do you switch phones on Sprint?

Fri May 06, 2016 8:08 am in Other Issues

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How do you switch phones on Sprint?

=13pxIf your a Sprint customer and you want a new phone what do you do? Like if you already have a plan with a phone, can you buy a new phone and have them activate the new phone and use that and keep the plan going as normal and keep your number?
Like on Verizon if you have a Chocolate with a plan, you can buy a phone off someone then go to the store and activate the new phone you bought and it won't change your plan or anything and it's free I think. Can you do that with Sprint?
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Re: How do you switch phones on Sprint?

You need to get another one and have the store program it. They most likely need to do stuff on their end so as to move the numbers to alternate telephones. Online Essay Writing Service. Its to a greater extent a bother to switch telephones on Sprint and Verizon. With At&t and T-portable, you can simply swap SIM cards.
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Re: How do you switch phones on Sprint?

Having a non-working phone isn't fun at all. You can perform a device swap via You just need to have an active account created. The page will write my assignment give you screen shots on how to switch out your phone.Hope you get up and running soon.
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