Tablet already connected. But AirMirror constantly requests Device Authorisation.question

Sun May 14, 2017 11:54 am in Other Issues

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Tablet already connected. But AirMirror constantly requests Device Authorisation.

Hi there,

I have multiple devices - 6 x non-rooted android tablets.

Each one is connected having installed it by USB (So, USB Debugging is already enabled) And they work fine.

However, each time I select AirMirror on a re-connect a device it now requests device authorisation again - and will only work if I go through the USB connection rigmarole each time.

This makes it unworkable. Am I expecting too much? So .. can anyone confirm ..

Will Airdroid (specifically AirMirror) remember the connection once set up?

Will Airdroid (specifically AirMirror) work even if devices are on different wireless networks?

Would it work if I bought another android tablet to access the web.airdroid control? Or would the same problem still arise? Would I still need to continually authorise via USB?
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