How to teather to offline Linux computer

Tue May 16, 2017 12:20 am in Other Issues

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How to teather to offline Linux computer

Hello all :)
I was directed here by a friend after a bad
experience with Android Screencast.
I managed to get that working, but
the response was ungodly slow...
So I was told this would be better.

What I'm trying to do is download a .deb
installer package and install the desktop
app in Linux.
I won't be able to login to my account
since I have no internet, but I don't think
that would stop a search from spotting
and connecting to what I've hosted on
my phone... or am I wrong??

I do have a LAN which I can host through,
but of course connecting to it defeats the
purpose since I lose net on my phone. :P

how can I set this up??
thanks :)
Tcll 5850
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