AirDroid Saved My Bacon!

Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:42 pm in Other Issues

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AirDroid Saved My Bacon!

Not literally, of course, but it did save me a crap load of time! The story is complicated, so settle in.
I work on the road a lot. This week I stopped for a bit and a chat with the wife while I was eating my dinner. When I sat down in the car I called my wife on my bluetooth, plugged in the phone, and things seemed alright. After about five minutes I started smelling smoke and burnt plastic. When I looked down on the seat next to me I noticed the phone was smoking! In my experience (I'm an electronics technician...), when the magic smoke comes out, the device tends to stop working. The thing is, the phone was still working and I was still talking to my wife!

I looked at the cable, which was hot to the touch. I figured the cable was what was causing the issue, so I grabbed another one and plugged it in. Immediate smoke, this time, so I took it out and thought about the problem for a minute.

I had a spare battery and a charger (I have the Verizon LTE version, so its a HOG), so I wasn't worried about not being able to use the phone, but I was worried that maybe parts of the phone were fried, but the part I was using at the time the smoke jumped out was still fine. I started poking around in the phone, forcing sensors to function via apps, using the camera and what not. After about ten minutes I was satisfied that I'd be able to use the phone, but I was still disappointed because I wouldn't be able to use the usb cable to get my backup files and my Titanium Backup folder of the device.

I reported the damage to insurance and they shipped the replacement the next day. Surprisingly, it arrived at my home before I did! When I got home I started my AirDroid server on my borked GNex while I started activating, rooting and installing CWM on my new GNex. Worked like a charm! I wouldn't have been able to get the files off my device without the functionality AirDroid brings to the show, and I am so very happy that I didn't have to manually restore everything from my borked device!

Thank you AirDroid!
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