I need help getting started with AirDroid!

Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:01 am in Other Issues

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I need help getting started with AirDroid!

I am totally lost! I downloaded the AirDroid APP to my non-rooted Nexus
7 so I could wirelessly copy my MS Word and Excel files to the N7. When I click
the APP I get a screen with tabs for Connection, Tools and Recommends, it shows
my LAN.

Where do I find instructions for dummies to actually use
this program?

I am an 80 year old non-techie, with no Android experience.

Do I need a file manager?
Please don't hate me!
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Hi nodsirrah,
We're very glad you are trying out our product. I just wrote a quick guide for you: http://forum.airdroid.com/discussion/9852/. Hope it helps.

And our FAQ section is a great source for help: http://forum.airdroid.com/categories/faq.



Don't feel bad at all Tom!! I loved airdroid when I first installed it! It was made for dummies like us, seriously! It was a breeze and if I needed a quick help tip or reminder, all I had to do was look at the "about" overview page or maybe hit the help?, and it was all right there in ur face! It was AWESOME!!! Talk about easy photo transfer!! I was in hog heaven!!!!! Then I did my first update! The whole airdroid as I knew it went to HELL! I had to do multiple uninstall, reinstall, and still fighting to get into it. All my gazillion photos r stranded in zipped files in the twilight zone and they all seem to be corrupted according to my computer, n of course airdroid doesnt seem to have any of my camera rolls anymore. Go figure, right? I just finally got the updated version to acknowledge me n my phone, n was hoping to try one more time b4 finding another app to use. Im kinda loyal that way! Well, do ya think I can find my airdroid for dummies help page? HELL NO! All the page does is tell ya how to get into app after that ur pretty much stuck in the discussion/faq pages!! Well, if i wanted to read a bunch of pages of crap to get part of an answer or quick help, I'd much rather start with page 1 of the airdroid manual if I had 1 that is. At least then I would know if the answer was really correct for my issue, n if not or it didn't work, I would have written word not a hey this worked for me so try it kinda thing! Yes, I'm exaggerating(tiny bit) but that's how frustrated I am! I want to be able to verify my self and there is no way now and no tips for dummies hotlink either!!! WTF AIRDROID! what happened to u? kimmys the dummy!


and the quick guide she wrote for ya? its the page that tells ya how to enter app! Real good guide there! hope ya dont wanna go any further than that!!!
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