Passwords for clipboard

Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:27 am in Feature Requests

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Passwords for clipboard

First off, awesome app. I can really see this coming in handy at work and I can leave my phone in my pocket.
My 2nd use for this app (2nd after using it to text) is passing passwords between my phone via copy to clipboard from mSecure. Problem #1 with this is that it's probably not 100% secure unless you're on your home network etc etc. and problem #2, the clipboard shows up with the text visually.

My idea would be.. can we turn the clipboard on AirDroid to allow you to just refresh and then copy whatever it is you sent via your phone? All of this while concealing the actual text itself...

Obviously I can do all this without any major issues, it would be a nice and easy feature to add I think.
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