Airdroid Web DialPad Issue..

Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:02 pm in Feature Requests

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Airdroid Web DialPad Issue..

Dear Concern,

I am a happy user of Airdroid Web. It would be great if you add the following feature.
When calling to an office using Airdroid Web Dialer, and the automated system answers the call, and tells to dial the desired extension number. There comes the problem. The Dial Pad doesn't show after receiving call from the other end and tells to proceed to Mobile. If the Dial pad continues to show, then I could dial the desired ext. number.and can connect to a human. I can hear my Phones audio through Pc Speaker/ Headset. I can do this through Air Mirror, but It will be more convenient to use this through previously mentioned method. Thanks in Advance..
Fahad Mehran

Re: Airdroid Web DialPad Issue..

I second this, it is a key feature that is really needed.
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