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Does anyone know how to create a folder in AirDroid?

I tried to create a folder in the FILES function in AirDroid on the computer, and although the folder shows up in the AirDroid tab in the browser in the computer, it doesn't show up on the phone. I can't drag photos into the new folder I created either.

The iPhone makes it a snap to organize photos (I use both). Android apps make it downright impossible. AirDroid isn't the only one.

Funny thing is a year ago I did find some obtuse program that let me create folders (the only folders I have on the phone), and I can't remember which one it was. Perhaps one of the four or five file managers I have used from time to time.


Thanks for your feedback.
We've tested this and everything is OK. The new folder is created and shows up in both AirDroid web desktop and on the phone. And so is the photo.

Would you please tell us your device model, Android version and what web browser do you use now?
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