Making/Receiving Calls Remotely Without Bluetooth

Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:03 am in Feature Requests

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Making/Receiving Calls Remotely Without Bluetooth

I really like what's been done so far, only having just heard about Airdroid a few days ago. I'm sure I'll be upgrading soon, but here's my crazy idea: I live in the countryside where getting a cell signal is always a problem. This will describe a lot of other people, I'm sure! What I would like to do is place my phone on a charger somewhere where it can get a signal and connect to the phone with a netbook. The problem is that I doubt the bluetooth will reach because I'm thinking about putting the phone in a weather-tight container and tying that to a pole that I can raise up over the roof of my house. A charging cable will be run up the pole, that part is pretty simple stuff. There are a few places I can stand outside where I can get 1 bar signal, so I discovered that if I go up on the roof with my phone I can actually get a much better connection. Then I put an extension ladder up a tree in my yard and was able to get a 3G connection. I just need the phone to get up as high as possible to get above all the trees that are blocking the signal. I'm fairly certain that the wifi will connect just fine, but I want the phone up high enough that the bluetooth signal will become an issue. Why not send all audio over the wifi connection? I know there would be an issue of what sort of headset I'll need, but I think any PC based gaming setup should also work provided the Airdroid software has the correct driver. This would be a great premium feature, I for sure would pay extra for full audio over wifi support!

If this works, then I would also like to see how I could do the same thing while hiking. The scenario then becomes using the phones hotspot to connect a lightweight netbook with PC based headset. The phone would be attached to a weather balloon filled with helium and tied to a fishing reel. No charger during use. This would be a really awesome kit for a search & rescue team or maybe for military personnel in remote areas. The netbook could use a directional wifi antenna to allow the phone to go up a long ways.
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