PC to Phone Audio

Fri Dec 19, 2014 4:12 pm in Feature Requests

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PC to Phone Audio

I'm very new to the forum, I have tried to search for this feature request but I can't seem to find it. (Sorry if this is a repeat request).

I have noticed the app can stream audio form my phone to the PC very clearly on a LAN, this is quite an achievement because other apps that seem to promise this often Fail!

My request is to have my PC (probably thorough the PC App) stream the audio files on my computer to my phone and have them play though the phone.
My thinking is that this feature would be relatively easy to implement as a two way server client set-up on both the app and PC with reimplementation of the same code you guys use.

Why would this be useful?
My PC currently doesn't have decent speakers but I have a Sony Ericsson Phone which has a good 1 Amp speaker. So being able to listen to audio/ music would be a god-sent instead of using headphones.

Furthermore This feature would allow me to remotely play my Library through the phone (28,000 or so songs which couldn't be saved on a 8 GB stick), making the phone into a powerful portable speaker.

The are lots of other useful ways this feature could be exploited but the listed two were the most powerful I think.

Many Thanks



I think we need an audio option for calls and music via client.

Re: Title

Bagus4235 wrote:I think we need an audio option for calls and music via client.

- I second this notion. It's the only reason I installed it. Bi-directional communication of all data platforms possible over bluetooth could be presented in a one or two page button menu to look slick and still usable. Go get it!

Re: PC to Phone Audio

Thanks for the info mate
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